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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soooo, we moved into our house on July 27, 2009- and I just got around to painting the back bedroom. I guess it makes sense since we don't use the back bedroom. It's easy to walk past it...especially when the door is closed and you don't have to look at the plastic drop clothes, bare walls, scraps of wallpaper, and plaster dust covering the orange carpet. Yeah, I said it. Orange carpet. I chose to paint the walls brown. Brown and orange kind of compliment each other. Uh, I guess. I noticed the walls were kind of dark when the 1st coat dried, but by channeling the interior designer within- I figured I could counter balance the darkness with bright pops of color all over the room later. After I slather on the second coat, rearrange the the furniture, and vacuum- I will reward myself for all the hard work with BEDDING!!!!! OOOWW!!! In closing-I have to thank my brother, Seamus, for the motivation to finally finish this project. We were in my sister's wedding this past weekend (which by the way- was AWEEEEEEEEEESOME!!), and he and his girlfriend ended up having to sleep over my house afterwards. And since there was nowhere else to sleep...I had to stick them back in that construction zone against my will. So, that was embarrassing. Granted, he's a 19 year old so he could've cared less. But either way, it inspired me to move my fat ass! It's really coming along. More pics to come.

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