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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


well, happy 26th birthday to my husband!!! i love saying that. husband. it's fun. so, traditionally, for each of our birthdays- we are entitled to a dinner and birthday cake request. it doesn't neccesarily have to be your favorite meal...just what you're in the mood for at the time. so, i'm making him dinner tonight...turkey tetrazinni. i also made him his favorite birthday cake last night- just gotta ice it today. unlike the dinner request, the birthday cake request is always the same...ever since i met him. i've even renamed the recipe in my recipe binder "RORY'S BIRTHDAY CAKE." it's a chocolate chocolate chip cake with white icing. i'm not gonna lie- it's delicious and that's saying alot since i'm my harshest critic. as for the present, he's been begging me for a playstation 3 since LAST christmas and it took a while but i think i've finally convinced him that he isn't getting one until our future childern graduate from college...which is perfect timing for crushing his dreams because i did- in fact- cave in and get him one for his birthday. those things are EXPENSIVE, but i just love him so much and he's so good to me- i didn't have much of a choice. i know i will loose him to the boob tube for a few weeks or months, but like any child trapped in a man's body- he will eventually grow tired of it, it will accumulate dust, and i will once again have my husband back. or so I hope!!!! i can't wait to give it to him!
p.s. i'm still waiting for my bangs to come in the mail. i laugh just thinking about the before and after pictures. hilarious...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


soooo, seeing that it's been a while since i've thrown my hard earned money out the window on something useless and silly that i will probably only use once or twice- i though it was high time i started surfing the internet for something ridiculous to buy. not to mention, shopping is very therapeutic and I've been needing some stress relief lately. work...don't get me started. after much internal diliberation, I finally decided on the most perfect waste of money ever....CLIP ON BANGS!! i just ordered them off ebay and should be receiving them in the mail next week. I'm so well as embarrassed that i actually bought fake bangs! who does that? luckily, they only cost $12. haha. this is gonna be hilarious! i'll definitely post pictures, so keep an eye out, Fi!!! just're the only one that reads this thing. hahaha.