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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

8 weeks to go!

So, I'm 32 weeks! The end is drawing near...or should I say "the beginning..." The old Katie would be so nervous right now thinking about the big day, but I've been using this Hypnobabies Home Study Course and I have to admit- I think it's working. Hypnobabies is basically a set of hypnosis cd's that you listen to for 5 weeks starting around 28 weeks that is meant to teach you techniques and suggestions that help you stay relaxed and comfortable during your natural childbirth. The kit also comes with a daily affirmation cd that can be listened to everyday. That cd is awesome because it's basically just a bunch of mantra's to give you confidence and support to go au naturale'. I love it so far, but then again- I haven't given beith yet. Haha. I'm sure my birth story will prove the whole Hypnobabies system right or wrong. To be continued...

In other news, me and Sarah finally finished the mural in the baby's room! That's one thing I can check off the list!! Now, I just gotta decorate! That's it for now. Just thought I'd pop in for an update.

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