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Monday, August 30, 2010


well, i cleaned the bedroom on friday night!!! it seriously looked like a clothes bomb exploded in there. not to was dusty, disorganized, and all-in-all, a major eye sore. rory had work, so i took the opportunity to do something productive with my spare time. the reason i mention this is because about a year ago i bought this awesome wall decal of a tree that i had intended on applying to my bedroom wall when i bought it. being the procrastinator that i am...i didn't get around to it until now. as i was cleaning, i found it under my bed and decided it was about time i put the money i spent on it to good use (which was about $10 thanks to this picture really doesn't do it much justice with the refection and glare, but you can get the jist!! i LOVE it!! i still have SO much to do in that house and SO many walls to fill, but not enough this will have to do for now. one wall down- about 50 more to go. ;-)

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