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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i'm a liar

i always say i'm gonna do these reviews and post before and afters and i never get around to it so i might as well stop saying it.

1. I tried the GARNIER BB CREAM and it rocks. i don't think everybody would love it though. it's very thick and has a stronger scent than say just a light foundation of unscented moisturizer. it's a little perfumy.although, i must say i have very dry skin. so, this stuff is perfect for me. it brightens and moisturizes and does feel a litle greasy to the touch, but my dry flaky skin counter balances it. someone with normal or oily skin may not like it.

2. i am down 18 lbs. i got a little lacksdasical with the counting calories and monitoring my portion sizes, but i am happy to say that i haven't gained much back. the most i've lost was 21 lbs since i started trying to lose weight in January. i'm getting back on the wagon HARDCORE on Monday. so, we'll see what happens. i need to lose 20 more lbs before getting pregnant so that should be motivation enough to get serious again. i hate talking about this anymore, but it's weight struggle is the story of my life. damn those people with lightening fast metablisms... ;-)

3. my baby is 10 months old. he's crawling and on his way to standing. i'm so excited for him to walk. it truly is amazing watching him grow and learn. i love the shit out f him and do not know what i would do without him!! he rocks my world and is more awesome than you can imagine.

4. i attempted to strip my hair and redye it and i looked like a total a-hole, but not because the hair color remover didn't work. it actually worked great, but i didn't buy enough boxes to cover my whole head and had to rinse it out and go to the store to get more and after i dried it with a blowdryer and tried to re-saturate the hair i missed- my hair was just so dry and tangled like a brillo pad i couldn't get it stripped evenly so it just looked like a patchy mess with different shades of red, yellow, and balck all over. so i dyed it back to black. it was quite the experience.

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