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Friday, March 9, 2012


i quit weight watchers. that new points plus program is so convoluted. i barely have enough hours in the day as it is and now i needed to take 10 minutes to plug in the fat, protein, carbs, and dietary fiber of everything i eat just to find out how many points i'm consuming. no thanks. i was getting majorly stressed out. so, i started on the "Lose It" website which is totally free by the way...and they also have a free app for your iphone or android. all you have to do is stay within your daily caloric allowance (which is calcualted when you sign up after you enter your age, height, weight, etc-information) and you lose weight. simple as that. it's soooooo much easier to look at a box of something in the grocery store, see the calories and make a decision- rather than pull out your phone, find a signal, plug in 18 different things just to realize it's too many points and not worth it. it was just giving me major adgida and i couldn't take it anymore! and, clearly, this other route is working just fine since i'm still losing weight. sweet yo! check it out. :-)

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